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This site is actually a membership site, once you join a program will be given login information to view videos, download PDFs, and much more. We created the site to support you and will be adding to it on a constant basis.

Online Training

Are you a individual or corporation looking for great LinkedIn training?  We have been training companies and sole proprietors for over five years now on the proper use, and more importantly how to get engagement on LinkedIn. Allan fine is one of the top educators on the proper use and training for LinkedIn. Whether you are updating your profile or diving rate in to create a never ending stream of leads on LinkedIn, we have you covered.

Live Training

Is your company or corporation looking for a live trainer?  We have worked with countless numbers of businesses over the last almost six years. We work with associations, investment companies, other marketing companies, accountants, home daycare directory companies, professional educators, tutors, Barter companies.

Our Individualized LinkedIn training is relevant for beginner and advanced users of LinkedIn. We can customize any program to suit your goals!

Lead Generation

So as we mentioned, we have been training individuals and corporations on the use of LinkedIn for almost 6 years. In Jan of 2017 we stumbled upon a unique way to generate leads on LinkedIn that skyrocketed our results. Now we pass that information on to you,

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Keynote Speaking

As experts in LinkedIn and Social Selling, We have found that the majority of individuals and corporations really haven’t grasped how to use LinkedIn properly. We can train your team how to network, grow, and create lead generation on LinkedIn. Our presentation is engaging, and interactive, whether you’re a beginner or advanced on LinkedIn, this Keynote presentation is for your company.

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