Profile Makeover

Your LinkedIn Profile is your “Social Proof” for all the world to see. Just think of it, you send out a connection request and the very first thing they are going to do Is go to your profile and see who you are. Your profile has to be 1000% rockstar for your networking and lead generation on LinkedIn. If you’re the kind of person who already is doing very well on LinkedIn as far as generating your own Leads, great for you, but you need help on your profile and you know it.

That’s where we come in!

We will refresh and redo your Profile as needed. Some profiles do not need much work but others need a complete makeover. No matter your profile’s current condition, we will build you an engaging profile that will attract and inform your target market about exactly what you do and why they need you.
We will change your profile to clearly explain the benefits of working with you over the possibly hundreds or thousands of other people on LinkedIn who do exactly the same thing you do. And that’s what you have to convey on your profile.


Here are some examples of some clients profiles we have made over.

Here’s an overview of what we’ll focus on to upgrade your LinkedIn profile:

1. Setting

The strategy to attract more clients and opportunities

2. Optimizing

LinkedIn profile with top 5 keywords

3. Uploading

Videos and images to promote the type of work you’ve done

4. Re-ordering

Skills and Endorsements

5. Copywriting

of new LinkedIn Profile – top elements rewritten to attract more of your ideal type of client. All aspects are strategically created to boost your brand and improve results for search engine optimization:

What’s the Investment?

Due to the strategic approach we take to ensure your new LinkedIn profile is going to attract your ideal type of client, this service is valued at $1497.  

What’s the Process?

  1. The next step is to confirm the booking by making payment of $1497. This can be done by using PayPal (Button Below), or if you prefer to use a credit card or electronically transfer funds, please contact us on 403-246-7386.
  2. Upon confirmation of payment, a questionnaire will be sent through to get a deep insight into your experience and the type of clients you want to attract.
  3. Once this questionnaire is returned, we will email through a draft on a MS Word document so you can review the new profile.  Your new LinkedIn profile will be drafted within 7 business days of sending through your responses.
  4. You’re free to amend the draft and email back any changes or suggestions before we upload the new content to your LinkedIn Profile.
  5. We will follow-up with a live telephone call- that way we can go on your profile with you using zoom.

Your new LinkedIn Profile will have an immediate effect on improving your effectiveness in achieving your goals.

LinkedIn has provided an abundance of opportunities for North American businesses, and can help you to:

  • Make sure your profile is rockstar!
  • When your potential clients go to your profile that is the first thing they look at.
  • Attract and retain great employees and contractors,
  • Build a wider network of referral partners
  • Be confident that your profile has been properly formatted.