Make sure your LinkedIn profile is always up to Date!

I’ve been training individuals and corporations on LinkedIn for over fourteen years now. Recently I put together a LinkedIn lead generation system that is doing amazingly well for my clients and myself.

When I go on to a persons profile to connect and engage with them after using my lead generation system, I’ve been absolutely blown away by how many individuals have outdated or incorrect information on their profile.

Especially their website addresses, that are out of date, incorrect, or just don’t work. C’mon people get it together!!

Since I created my brand-new LinkedIn lead generation system I’ve truly embraced the fact that LinkedIn is one of the most phenomenal place to generate leads for businesses,especially if you’re in the B2B space like I am. The thing is, that once you connect with people and they do any research on you especially by clicking on links on your profile, if your website doesn’t work or your links don’t work. You Don’t Look Professional!!

So with that in mind, I challenge all of my connections and even people I don’t know on LinkedIn, to go into the section where you edit your profile and update all of your information.

Especially your:


Email address

Phone number

Skype ID


There is a whole bunch of other things you want to do as well. But I’ll get into that later on. If you need a never ending stream of leads from LinkedIn or you want help updating your profile, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Allan Fine,,403-246-7386