Are you ready to take your social media marketing and

Lead Generation on LinkedIn to the next level?

If you’re not leveraging LinkedIn, you’re missing out on additional leads and sales. (And your Competition is stealing all your leads!)

Driving results is paramount in today’s world. Get the best results by focusing on those activities that drive your results, using our knowledge to speed you through the learning process to get world-class performance quickly!

Our strategic LinkedIn marketing campaign management solutions allow you to achieve your marketing goals by partnering with strategic, experienced LinkedIn experts who guide you and your team. With the Foundation Program, you will do the work yourself under our guidance. With “Done For You”, our team will run your entire LinkedIn marketing campaign for you. If you don’t have the time, resources, or the internal expertise, then working with us is the perfect solution.

What you get from our program,

Together we review:

A) What you’re selling,

B) Who you’re selling it to,

C) What action you want them to take once they reach your profile.

D) We also book seven more one-hour meetings with you (If you need more support don’t worry it’s already included for no extra cost)

We ensure proper formatting and messaging to appeal to your target market(s). You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so we focus initially on how you present yourself through LinkedIn.

People buy from people. Your targets need to see you as the expert in your field, professional, and likable. There are processes for all of those. We help you with the details!

We help you define how to find your target market using key phrases on LinkedIn. If you simply search for “Business Owner” on LinkedIn, there are over 24 million results – far too many to address effectively via relationship marketing.

Your target key phrases allow you to use LinkedIn filters to bring that number down and laser target your potential audience.  We are absolute experts at using the LinkedIn filters to target your perfect market as well as, reverse engineer your best clients to get you more of the same. Our team will help you develop your key phrases and filters.

Our team works with you to develop the two key messages that drive LinkedIn relationship success!
A) Your invitation message: What should you say to people to have them WANT to connect with you? What are the three main key factors that you must include to ensure people accept your connection invitation?
B) Your connection acknowledgment: Once your potential clients connect with you, what message should you send them? That message should not be selling anything, or you will lose the relationship.

Have you ever accepted an invitation to connect, then immediately got back along “Are you interested in buying my services?”  Don’t be one of those! The goal isn’t really to sell directly from LinkedIn, but rather to drive engagement and create new LinkedIn conversations that lead to a warm prospect telephone call with you.

Having been in the website design filed for over 25 years, we have become really great and helping our clients to tweak their existing website or create new ones for them.   If you have a website, only if you want us to, we will make suggestions to help align messages from the website and from your LinkedIn profile. Potential clients are researching you and your profile/website before they buy from you! Make sure the messages they receive are the ones you want them to receive! Take our feedback to your webmaster, or, if you wish, we can provide a quotation for updating your website.

You will have eight weekly 1 hour meetings with our team. We help you through the implementation process, answering whatever questions you might have and planning what to do for the following week. We know that holding your hand is the most consistent way to create success! Other programs give you the training material or videos to watch and leave you on your own, but not LinkedLeads!

 If, after 2 months of following our system and guidance, you are not generating warm leads for your business, then we will happily cancel the remainder.  In order to qualify for this guarantee, you must actually do the work we recommend. We know it works, and we’ll stand behind it!

With our full program you get one year of ongoing support! Combined with the money back guarantee, and you have no risk to trying our program!  We both WIN!

Whether you are a LinkedIn pro or a new user, we have you covered!

Now, you only need to choose how you want to implement.
  1. Foundations: You implement everything yourself.
  2. Done For You: After the initial strategy session, we set everything up on your behalf and drive warm leads to meetings with you. You have complete control of the messaging and can make changes at any time.
  3. Sold For You: (available only for qualified offerings) We will run your complete inbound sales operation.
Talk to our Team about your needs today! Your market is out there waiting for you to connect!

Doing it with you

Whatever your budget, whatever your choice, we have you coveredPayment Terms available talk to our Team!